Your data is extremely valuable to public and private sector organizations. Wouldn't it be nice to finally get paid for it?
Any large professional industry includes groups of people whose work at odds with each other. The health field is no different.
Public infrastructure is built for people of all ages and all abilities. Or at least that’s the claim. Public agency planners, I’ve got you on my mind.
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Excerpts from a conversation I had with Coby Lefkowitz, one of the participants in my documentary about the connections between public health & the…
Twitter could become the mobility-as-a-service platform that gives users a seamless way to plan, book, & pay for transportation.
Traffic violence on public streets is crushing. Urban renewal rips apart communities. Cars are prioritized at the expense of all other modes. What will…
GROUP CHAT: eminent domain vs. property rightsEminent domain is power of a government to take private property for public use without the owner's consent. Are you ok with that? Why or why no…
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Urbanism Speakeasy with Andy Boenau